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Family garden in Nučice

This garden underwent a complete transformation with emphasis on simplicity. The aim was to create a modern feel and add interest with the help of different levels and materials. Old salvaged bricks were reused and combined with charcoal black tiles and wooden decking,

matching an existing terrace. Three distinct parts were created within the garden, unified by the various materials and the use of black paint on the walls. The garden also gained a deep little pond which is connected to the drainage system and collects rainwater from the roof.

The request for simplicity was reflected in the selection of mainly evergreen plants and prominent conifers, together with some perennials and decorative grasses. Fruit-bearing shrubs were placed in the rear part of the garden. The best seating spot had to be under the mature walnut tree, which offers an inviting shade in hot summers. It also offers privacy and the best views of all parts of the garden. The garden is kept lush by a Toro irrigation system and, in the evening hours, the atmosphere is enhanced by new lighting.

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