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Sketches and planting plans

Here are some examples of our sketches, project drawings, studies of details and planting plans. In response to our clients’ needs, some designs needed to be created in a very short space of time, whilst others had much more time to take shape.

Whatever the size and complexity of the project, there are always a number of details which must be thought through and weighed out in the process of finding the best possible solutions. A pencil is irreplaceable at this stage of our work as it allows us to draw quick sketches, which in turn enable us to work with our client towards a successful outcome.

Detailed Design Drawings
When sophisticated design drawings are required for the completion of a project, they are prepared with the help of the computer software Acad. These drawings go beyond simple sketches of different details and perspectives and possible solutions. They are detailed and include precise measurements and planting plans. Although this task is greatly facilitated by the computer, it involves collating all the data and ideas together and, as such, it is much more demanding of time than sketching with a pencil.