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Terrace & cascades at Na Marjánce

This project consisted of building a new terrace and making changes to the grounds around the restaurant Na Marjánce. The restaurant is very popular with canoeists in the summer and so the owners wanted to modify the river bank and the adjacent slope, mainly to protect them from

eroding. Our aim was to keep the area looking as natural as possible, allowing it to blend in with the wilderness around it. We built a series of low walls using local stone and added shrubs and trees to bolster the existing vegetation. For increased comfort of the restaurant’s guests we incorporated a small parking lot and a few benches.

The owners’ living quarters lead onto a small private terrace, where they spend most of their free time. They wished to turn this area into a little haven in their otherwise very busy place by bringing in some wilderness and making it cosier. The new planting helped create a sense of seclusion from the buzz of the restaurant, while new slope terraces and cascades of plants ensured lovely views. A stone barbecue and a relaxing Jacuzzi both added to the comfort and versatility of the area.